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A patient was telling me yesterday how he'd managed to get a phone number that repeated the same three digits twice. He was quite pleased about this because it was easy to remember. Now, whenever he has to give someone his number verbally the conversation goes like this:

Him: Eight three zero eight three zero
Them: Okay, 8-3-0....and then what?
Him: Eight three zero.
Them: Yea, I got that part. What's the second half? 
Him: eight three zero
Them: What?

"I wish I hadn't bothered now" he told me. 


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25/3/16 09:42 (UTC)
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{chortle} poor man...

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24/3/16 13:06 (UTC)
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25/3/16 07:41 (UTC)
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Maybe he shouldn't break it down but just say it out in one piece? I'm sure some people would think he's a bit crazy but most would grasp it.

I picked mine playing with the least possible number of syllables but least possible way of being misunderstood, and that worked out well. With a name I have to spell out every time that saves bother.

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