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There's a single retired man who lives on our road who is always smiling and happy. He knows that I have a passing interest in sea fishing, which is a big hobby of his, and so he always stops me and relates his latest angling adventures. These are never 'the one that got away' stories, oh no. He always hooks an enormous abundance of fish. The English Channel is a like an endless magic food locker for him. He catches so much he doesn't know what to do with them all. One day he turned up at our door and gave us a bucket of Dover soles and a massive sea bass. They were delicious.

He stopped me in the road today with his usual gleeful expression and said "I had a bit of luck yesterday". I enquired how many he'd caught this time, but no, he explained, he hadn't caught a thing. In fact, he'd given up fishing for the day, packed up his rods and went and had a look in a nearby charity shop where he saw a nice teapot for sale for £3.50. So, he bought it and, on a whim, took it to an auctioneers to see if it would sell for more. It sold for £850. Some internet bidders in China recognised it as one of a set of which only six exist in the world.

"So, that's a nice present for Christmas!" he observed, cheerily. Nice for the charity shop too, because he went straight back there and shared his profit with them.

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