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 A great new miserable documentary from Adam Curtis here. Bang up-to-date in examining Trump and Putin's strategic abandonment of reality, but it's the historical material about Assad senior and Gaddafi that I found most intriguing. The manner in which US and UK politicians continually spun an imaginary narrative of the intellectually limited narcissist Gaddafi as a global terror super-brain while evidence for the Lockerbie bombing pointed directly at Syria. If you like this then watch 'Bitter Lake' too. 

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24/10/16 13:29 (UTC)
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Thanks for the tip, I watched it yesterday and kinda liked it. I'm in two minds about Adam Curtis. I think he's important and I appreciate his input, his clarity, the informational value of his films, his offbeat theories, I kind of trust him (I personally don't have enough knowledge on many of his topics to be able to tell how accurate his theories are... ) but sometimes his mannerisms start to grind. I couldn't finish watching Bitter Lake when it came out because I couldn't stand the overdramatization. I might go back to it later on though. I'm in bed with flu right now so what better opportunity to cheer myself up than watching good old Bitter Lake, haha.

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