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Cancelled a shift today in order to travel by a train, which was cancelled, as was the train after it, to a job interview in Hertfordshire which was consequently cancelled. 

I was halfway there too. Have taken the train back to Haywards Heath now and am walking along writing this on my phone and listening to Offenbach operettas. Think I'll go and get a Turkish haircut to make myself feel better. 

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8/11/16 13:58 (UTC)
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Interview to be rescheduled??

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8/11/16 14:43 (UTC)
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Yes, thankfully the were very nice about it.

I went to get my haircut and the young Turkish barber was complaining bitterly that the trains from London had made him an hour-and-a-half late for work. Ha!

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8/11/16 16:02 (UTC)
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8/11/16 15:02 (UTC)
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That's annoying :(

Haircut sounds like a plan.

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8/11/16 16:00 (UTC)
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Got the haircut.

Image (

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8/11/16 19:15 (UTC)
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indeed annoying, but nice haircut.

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