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The first story in the current Interzone magazine is about a bizarre American apocalypse in which women inexplicably start giving birth to cute little bunny rabbits which then swamp the whole country and end human civilisation. Hmm. 

The second one is about downtrodden people surviving in an authoritarian dystopia in which Orwellian wall screens shout motivational crap at them all time and they are forced to attend futile job interviews. More believable than the rabbit story. 


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23/1/17 00:13 (UTC)
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The second one is just real life. ;)

From zelle-vs

8/2/17 16:36 (UTC)
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Hi there. Just found your profile while browsing interests :) I want to give a try here and see what happens, although many communities are suffering from the same apathy as in Lj. I hope to post here regularly as well. Cheers friend.

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