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Anonymous woman and child.

I've been so busy with other things that I'd almost forgotten how, for years, I was totally consumed by old photos from flea markets. I would spend hours online collaborating with other enthusiasts to identify places and sometimes even individuals in them. I became so familiar with the vanished townscapes, fashions and social habits they revealed that I began to feel as if I'd visited the minds of those dead people. I have most of them, still, stuffed into a shoebox. Have a look at the Tumblr I made out of them if you fancy.

This one remains a firm favourite. It is the one photo I will never sell. An unnamed mother and child in the 1890s. There is something profound and hopeful in their smudged expressions. Such a vivid image and, because the glass negatives were so large, great detail is revealed under computerised magnification. For some reason I always loved that hat on the grass most of all.

Anonymous woman and child. (enlarged detail)

Anonymous woman and child. (hat detail)

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20/6/17 10:39 (UTC)
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Unusual too that it's clearly not a studio shot.

I have one of my maternal great grandmother (my Latvian Jewish ancestor) and another of a cousin of hers (in 'rational' dress with bicycle) taken around 1880 which are clearly posed studio pieces.

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