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I was joking with an older nurse colleague that there 'should' be thousands of ghosts in the hospital where we work, and that they must be very lazy if we'd never seen a single one. She asked me if I believed in ghosts and I said that I found most supposed ghost stories unconvincing for various reasons, with the exception of one account I heard a few years ago. She mostly felt the same way, but had had one experience which was so vivid that she couldn't explain or dismiss it. This is what happened:

She was driving her car in the middle of a sunny day along the A2300 towards Burgess Hill, here in Sussex. Her little dog was riding in the front seat next to her, as was his habit. Then suddenly the light in the car became inexplicably dappled. She found this very strange. It was the kind of flickering you might experience if you were driving in the shadow of leafy trees, except there were no trees to cast such a shadow. At that same moment her dog vacated the front seat and climbed into the back. She's not sure why, but she found herself saying aloud, half to the dog, half to herself "has someone just joined us?". Then, to her great astonishment, a figure materialised in the seat next to her. It was a very small female, about 4ft tall, wearing an old fashioned blouse and long blue skirt, her head turned away, looking out of the side window. My colleague continued driving, unsure how to react, for about two miles, and then the apparition simply disappeared.
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