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Acocks Green & Solihull Journal. August 1899.

.... is wonderfully indicative of character, do you not think? People who burst into a room, or rush about, are generally hasty, careless, and frequently hot-tempered. I often notice young girls who have had no care from their mothers in this way. Some go with their heads far in advance of their feet, and seem to totter along rather than walk. One longs to make them hold their heads up, chins in, waists in, and chests thrown out, and to put their feet down firmly as if they meant to stand on them. It is real unkindness in these days of good gymnastic teaching of parents and guardians not to let their girls and boys from eight years old and upwards to go to gymnastic classes, or have an army sergeant drill them. With such neglect can they wonder if their children grow up with narrow chests, round backs, poking heads, and delicate? If the poor things suffer thus they may thank those who had the care (?) of them in their youth.

Acocks Green & Solihulll Journal. August 1899. Vol. 1 No. 5.

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