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Splendid, large, mostly 14th century.

Must be really, really annoying to have worked your way up to the position of Admiral, sailed all over the Med and the Caribbean, supported both sides in the Civil War and somehow got away with it, fought the Dutch and even killed the commander of their fleet, become a member of parliament, been knighted, featured in Pepys's diary, and then after all that tourists only come and photograph your grave because you have the same name as your kid who got famous in America.
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I loved Wendy, the sole elephant at Bristol zoo. I took this photograph around 1996. This is what I wrote about her at the time:

"she feels her way, with tentative elephantine steps, along the brink of the moat that delineates her enclosure; occasionally putting a bold foot forwards into the void, as if in the vain hope that an invisible glass bridge might have been put there for her to walk over. They once borrowed another elephant as a companion for Wendy, but it bullied her gratuitously and they had to send it to Chester Zoo, in disgrace. After a while they realised that Wendy actually prefers new people to new elephants and is quite happy as long as a constant stream of fresh humans is supplied for her to look at all day long, which it is. Only after a minute or two of staring at Wendy stare straight back, through her little, watery, button eyes, does the true nature of this relationship become evident: the moat is there to stop Wendy playing with the exhibits."



28/11/08 21:11
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An all too brief visit to Bristol this week. Not enough time to see all the people we know there. Maybe next time. I lived in Bristol for 8 years and it’s the only big British city with which I have any familiarity at all. Funny to see it again with fresh eyes. I got lost a few times. How magnificent its Victorian and Georgian terraces look, crammed onto the infeasibly steep slopes of Hotwells and Clifton. How outstandingly bad its transport infrastructure is. Truly the worst in the country. No metro. No trams. No local trains. Nothing but an outrageously priced private bus system and a sea of actually or nearly stationary cars as far as the eye can see. Still pretty though, in its faded way.
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