3/6/07 19:13
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Attended a fabulous barbecue yesterday, sans wife and child. My friends inhabit one room in part of an early-Victorian house in Brighton. But all is not as it appears, because the house is part of a crescent which encloses a vast residents-only garden; an Eden inaccessible to the public, a car-free sun-dappled glade disturbed only by the bicycles of small children and clinking of wine glasses.

I drank too many beers and spoke to a nice couple with a ten month old baby. She was happy and entertained. She "gave me five" repeatedly. I was so pleased to see how quickly they become recognisably child-like. The parents told me not to worry, it would be upon me soon enough. Then I played with two older Zambian-German children, swinging them high in the air. One of them enquired if there was a baby inside my protruding tummy. I said no, there was not.

The bloody batteries in my camera died. But I can still show you this hidden garden, thanks to Google Earth:

UPDATE: I returned here a few days later and took some photos. I also found this small history of the street and park.

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We took the baby to Hampton Court Palace today.....but I don't think she noticed, even when I brandished her like the severed head of my fallen enemy.

This weekend was the first time I've really been out in public with the baby. Very strange feeling to visit this part of London with her, where I lived as a small child myself and have rarely returned since.

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