29/3/07 18:26
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This duck has started to visit our back door on a regular basis. She just waits there until we come out and give her bread.

I want to be a duck.
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Just watched "Borat" with Eva and Mother-in-law (and the baby, though she didn't watch much). It was slightly tough going because Eva had to explain, in Czech, what was going on, but we all enjoyed it immensely in the end. Eva and Mother-in-Law were able to get their heads around the central joke of the film: that British Jewish comic actor, Sacha Baron Cohen,  travels across the USA pretending to be a nominally Kazakh,  embarrassing, anti-semitic, sexist, TV presenter. However, I think Mother-in-Law found the Kazakh part a bit unconvincing, as she can read and speak Russian and took holidays in communist Kazakhstan. Also confusing was that Baron-Cohen's invented 'Kazakh' language, as well as containing Hebrew, borrows from Czech, and so he greets his audience with the typical familiar Czech "Jak se máš" (how are you?) but in a strange accent.

Eva's English was good enough to get the jokes in 'Borat' but she ran into a bit of difficulty distinguishing between the fake foreigner antics of Borat and his sidekick and the entirely real ones of the foreigner Americans. At the point where Borat visits an evangelical fundamentalist Christian church service she got confused because she couldn't quite believe that the congregation leaping about possessed by the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues weren't a comic invention of the film makers. "Are they real?" she asked me.
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My mother-in-law has been having great difficulties with small things. She's highly skilled at comforting the baby and sending her off to sleep; no problem there. No, it's the two gerbils she has to share a room with that cause her aggravation. Their furious digging and chewing was driving her wild last night. Periodically we would hear her calling out in Czech "I'm going to kill you!" This morning she complained that grown men like me shouldn't keep little animals as pets. I pointed out that many grown adults (including her) keep silly little dogs and cats as pets and I see no great difference between these and my pocket sized friends. She doesn't like their names either. I call them 'number one' and 'number two'. She's renamed them Amanda and Betsy.

Mother-in-Law was looking through some pictures on our computer just now and I noticed something amusing. She can't use a mouse. I mean she understands the principle, but cannot actually move it accurately enough to make the cursor go where she wants. She tries to move it using her whole arm, like the gear stick of a car. Haha.

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