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I learned how to make macaroni cheese. It is one of those simple recipes that my parents never cooked, because it reminded them too much of their tedious 1950s childhoods.

A patient at work told me a story which illustrates the position of macaroni cheese in British cuisine quite well. It was the 1940s and her brother came home from work "what's for dinner, Mum?" he enquired.
"Macaroni cheese" she replied.
"Oh." he responded, a little downcast. Then big sister returned home and asked the same question. She got the same answer. Macaroni cheese.
"Oh." she responded, also evidently disappointed. Now mother started to seethe. Then poor Dad came home from work, unaware. What was for dinner? Same answer. Macaroni cheese.
"Oh" he responded, crestfallen.

And mother emptied the entire pan of macaroni cheese over his head.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I have no idea how to deactivate my voicemail. My mobile phone provider says it's nothing to do with them and I've got to phone Nokia. Please don't leave a message. I will never listen to it. Can you not use email?
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Well, no and yes, sort of. Here in Britain it has only really caught on in recent years, an American cultural import. Pumpkins aren't even native to Europe! As a child in Hong Kong I was more exposed to it. The English-speaking community there were more US-oriented than 'back home' in England, and the norm in Hong Kong is to embrace any excuse for a festival, regardless of origin. In fact, upon returning to England as a teenager in 1986 I was quite disappointed by how lame the Christmas decorations were. Hong Kong does it better.

Anyway, I now have a three-year-old daughter, and so have rediscovered Halloween vicariously. Our housing estate is traffic-calmed and well-disposed towards children, and generally participates in trick-or-treating so, in a few hours, I will sally forth with the child to extract chocolate from the neighbours. Hoho.

I've bought glow sticks!

As a festival for adults, I don't quite see the attraction. I mean, dressing up as a skeleton? Yawn. It's just yet another excuse for boozing.
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It would have to be Karl Marx. It would be fascinating to know how he would interpret everything that has happened in global politics and the economy since his death.
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At work. Really, I've never understood why so many people are horrified of the idea of dying on an intensive care unit "full of tubes" (they're fixated with tubes). I can think of no better way to go than with midazolam and morphine or diamorphine (heroin). Calm, asleep and painless.
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Here. In front of my computer. Doing this.

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